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Asistencia de Educacion, Ligui, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Asistencia de Educacion (AsistED) was founded in the 1990′s by Frank and Darlene Hester in Ligui, Baja Mexico, just south of Loreto. Frank, a world-renown marine biologist and oceanographer, and Darlene, a retired school teacher, moved from California to Mexico to embark on a new life journey. Once they reached the small fishing village of Ligui, their first priority was to get fresh water into the village as most residents were dying around the age of 50 from drinking brackish water. Once this was accomplished, Frank and Darlene focused on the local youth. They realized there was a great need for education. Since many of the families lived in the surrounding mountainous areas, it was virtually impossible for their high-school aged children, especially, to get to school in the nearby resort town of Loreto. Realizing this dire need, Frank and Darlene embarked on their mission to provide an accessible way for these youth to attend school.

In 2003, the Nathan Yip Foundation contributed funds to build a dormitory to provide housing for up to 18 Asistencia students. The Foundation also provides a bus to transport students from their homes to the school and back at the beginning and end of each school week. Some classes take place at the dormitory center, and some classes take place in the town of Loreto. The Nathan Yip Foundation continuously works together with AsistED to provide opportunities and education for the students in these isolated coastal and rural areas.

Together, the Nathan Yip Foundation and AsistED help with program funding and scholarships so that these young people from rural, laboring families can realize their human worth and find suitable and sustainable employment. Since it’s founding, there has been 75 high school graduates (including 8 this year) and 31 University students (16 have already graduated and 4 more will graduate this year). Without this program, these students would not have the means to pursue their academic dreams.

Tree of Life (“Arbol de Vida”) Children’s Home, Juarez, Mexico

Arbol de Vida Children’s Home was founded in 1994 to provide food, housing, clothing and education to children whose families could no longer support them had abandoned them to the dangers of Juarez, Mexico. At Arbol de Vida 65 children live in a safe environment and learn skills to prepare for a better life. The Nathan Yip Foundation supports Arbol de Vida by paying annual teacher salaries.