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Nathan Yip foundation has been reported by local and international media many times. Please read the following articles to know more information and stories about the foundation.

The Denver Post, October 2013

Davidson: Nathan Yip Foundation serves up delicious dim sum brunch

Pancakes, OJ and scrambled eggs are popular items on brunch menus everywhere. But they’re nowhere to be found at one of the season’s best-attended fundraisers, the Nathan Yip Foundation’s Dim Sum Brunch.

Those attending enjoy a nine-course feast at King’s Land Chinese Seafood Restaurant, and go home satisfied in the knowledge they have supported the foundation’s mission of making a better life for children in some of the poorest corners of the world…read more

Blacktie, February 2013

Have You Met?

The pain of losing a child knows no words. When Jimmy and Linda Yip lost their only child, Nathan at age 19 in an automobile accident, they could have withdrawn from life and felt forsaken, but they didn’t. In their grief, they found some solace and comfort in 2002 by creating the Nathan Yip Foundation in their son’s memory. Everyone involved is a volunteer, so 100% of the proceeds raised go directly to the mission of building schools to educate underprivileged youth, buying food and supplies, buses and providing support to these precious kids in poor Chinese, Mexican, and African remote villages…look the Web

Blacktie, February 2013

Have You heard?

HYM Jimmy Yip with Margaret and HYM Mark Berzins and HYM Linda Yip. The Berzins were the Honorary Chairs of the recent Nathan Yip Foundation “Chinese New Year 2013 – Year of the Snake” Fundraiser…read more

Asian Avenue, March 2012

Young Friends Pay Tribute to Nathan Yip

The 10th Anniversary of the Nathan Yip Foundation was different this year. Not because it moved to a larger venue at the Marriott Hotel Denver Tech Center, or that the entertainment camestraight from Las Vegas, or even that the attendance was up by over 30% and the amount raised exceeded $300,000. This year was different because many young friends of Nathan Yip came forward to join the effort and raise money for a foundation named for their good friend…read more

Denver Post, February 2012

Gala Leaps into Year of Dragon

The 10th Anniversary of the Nathan Yip Foundation Chinese New Year Gala, held last Saturday at the Marriott Tech Center, was a bitter sweet occasion in that while a full decade has passed since that December night in 2002, when Jimmy and Linda Yip’s only child lost his life in an automobile accident, a wrenching tragedy for one family has brought good fortune to thousands of children living in rural and impoverished areas of China, Mexico, Africa and Colorado…read more

Colorado View Magazine, Winter 2011

Linda Yip

Some people tell me that I am too positive. I always look for the best in everyone. If someone needs my help, I am there. I am not sure if I’ve always been this way, but I do know that since coming to Colorado from Taiwan in 1975, it has been my mantra.

In 1975, I came to Colorado to help a friend who just opened a Chinese restaurant. I was part of the wait staff. Even though I held a political science degree from a University in Taiwan, I began my life in Denver waiting tables…read more

Forbes Asia, July 2011

48 Heroes of Philanthropy

Jimmy and Linda Yip
Devastated by the loss of their son in a traffic accident in 2001, they started the Nathan Yip Foundation to carry on the philanthropy that he began as a high school student. Active in Haiti and Mexico, but mainly in China, the couple opens schools, many in rural areas, builds dormitories and funds scholarships…read more

Asian Avenue, May 2011

2011 Asian American Heroes of Colorado

Linda and Jimmy Yip are all about converting negative energy into positive action. When they lost their 19-year-old son in an automobile accident in 2001, the Yips decided to turn their loss into a project to benefit children and families all over the world.

Nathan Yip was inspired by a trip to China to help provide education for less fortunate children, and the family had plans to pursue the endeavor after he graduated from college. Inspired by their son passion for helping others, they decided to…read more

Asian Avenue, January 2010

Fifteen from Denver Visit Nathan Yip School of Hope

Eight years ago, Jimmy and Linda Yip lost their only son Nathan in a tragic car accident. For a time, they were immersed in grief. Nathan was 19 years old, in the prime of his life and had just begun his freshman year at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania…read more

The Denver Post, June 2009

From son’s loss a world of children

His legacy: A 2001 car accident took Nathan Yip’s life, but his dream to help educate poor children lives on.

Jimmy and Linda Yip still haven’t quite fathomed the twist of fate that took their only child but wound up giving them hundreds more from Asia to Africa to the Americas…read more

Asian Avenue, January 2008

A Thirsty World Meets Heavy Rain

Jimmy Yip told me about a most odd coincidence. Back in 2001, Jimmy and Linda Yip lost their only son Nathan in a tragic car accident. They were grief stricken, but felt that they needed to move forward, to make something positive out of this terrible personal tragedy.”…read more